Insurance & Financing

At SoCal Micro Endodontics, we are contracted with all major PPO & HMO plans. We continuously update our plans to better serve our patients’ needs.

We are also contracted with MediCal-Dental (formally known as DentiCal).

In-house interest-free financing is available through After Pay as well.

We accept the following forms of payment:

To learn more about our insurance plans and financing options available to you, click here to contact our offices today.


What insurances do you accept?

We are contracted with all major PPO, HMO plans, and Medi-Cal.

Do you take Care Credit?

Yes, we do. Please ask the Benefit’s Coordinator regarding CareCredit during your appointment.

Can I do multiple payment?

For multiple payments, we provide financing option through:

&After Pay

When am I expected to pay?

Payment is due at the date of the service, prior to the treatment.

Is the CT scan covered by dental insurance?

Very few select dental insurances cover CT-scan fees. Medi-Cal dental insurance for example, does not cover the CT-scan fee.